Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Jim Gilmore on Fox & Friends

Former Virginia Governor Jim Gilmore has appeared on Fox and Friends on the Fox News Network, to discuss his possible bid for the Republican Nomination.

Gilmore said that he hasn't yet made a decision to run for President, but the reception he has received in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina has been very warm.

On Iraq, Gilmore said that President Bush needs to be supported in his plans to send more troops. He also believed that the President was making some headway with Iran, with cracks starting to appear in their nuclear program.

On Immigration, Gilmore said that the borders need to be strengthened and he is opposed to an Amnesty.

Gilmore said that he has the experience, in comparison to some of the other leading candidates. He says that he is a true Reagan Conservative, as opposed to candidates like Mitt Romney.

He also has National Security experience, having chaired the National Commission for the United States on Homeland Security for 5 years.