Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Exploratory Committee for Gilmore 08

Former Virginia Governor Jim Gilmore is soon expected to launch an exploratory committee for a Presidential bid in 2008.

Gilmore appears ready to run and has positioned himself carefully, recently telling CBS that "There is not a committed conservative in the field who can put together a national campaign. I am and I can."

While Gilmore is little known outside of Virginia, he has previously held the post of Chair of the Republican National Committee, and was a prime supporter of President Bush for the nomination in 2000.

Gilmore made his mark in Virginia, heavily slashing taxes in that state. Gilmore was precluded from running for a second term by Virgina Law.

Jim Gilmore has a serious interest in anti-terrorism measures, having chaired a Congressional Advisory Panel on this issue, and serving as President of USASECURE, a homeland security think tank.

Although Gilmore has a low recognition rate outside of Virginia, as a "committed conservative", he may well appeal to sections of the Republicans that fear the emergence of social moderates like Giuliani or McCain.